The tasks of physical education of children and youth in context of modern educational trends


I.V. Manzheley, professor, Dr.Hab., Tyumen state university, Tyumen
Key words: educational trends, modernization of education, traditions and innovations, problems and perspectives of physical education.
The international teaching community has focused their attention on the problem of health protection and promotion among children and young students by excluding of didactogenics and conversion first to health protecting and then health forming pedagogics.
Generally, the Russian educational policy corresponds to international development trends in education and hasd its specifics distinguishing it from the educational systems of other countries, which ultimately affects in a certain way development of Russian physical education.
Thus, the authors believe, that modernization of physical education of children and youth presupposes the real shift of goals from physical training of children and youth to formation of physical and sports cultures, personality's sports lifestyle (via actualization of the educative potential of the physical and sports environment), and specification of indicated purpose on the level of individual consciousness of subjects of educational environment in the relevant effective context; the detailed design of the polyvariant content of physical education in view of inner and environmental effects and estimation of its criteria; the detailed study of the mechanisms and methods of implementation of the content of physical education along with saturation of the educational environment with cross-modality physical and sports microenvironments, intended for physical and sports competences formation and actualization of individual ways of self-actualization of children and youth via physical culture and mass sport; development of control equipment in accordance with the goals and content of education for estimation of conditions of the progress of the teaching and educational process for monitoring and design of updated physical education of children and youth.
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