State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture: an echo of previous times

V.I. Maslov, professor, Ph.D., Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (SCOLIPC), Moscow
Key words: history, educational institution, physical education, sociohistorical analysis.
Development of theoretical grounds and methodological support of integrated knowledge on graduates' vocational activity were the duties of the faculty "Theory and history of physical culture". Substantiation and scientific control of methods of Soviet physical culture were some of the tasks of the new research organization.
The goals of education in the form of routine job tasks designed were based on the experience of realization of the activity approach at all phases of organization of the content of higher physical education: simulation of activity of an expert in physical culture and sport, design of the content on the level of courseware and educational process.
Development of the qualification characteristic is to be based on the criteria for estimation and assessment of the level of the goal achievement. The project of the adduced curriculum has drawn a wide response among workers of the institute of physical culture, representative of sports federations and administrative personnel of sports committees. The plan was subject to discussion in universities on the special teachers' meeting based on Omsk institute of physical culture on advanced training faculties.
It was finally approved in Kiev with the assistance of rectors of institutes of physical culture, senior officials of committees of physical culture and sport of the union republics, leading scientists of the institute of physical culture.
The curriculum on the specialty "Physical culture" came into operation since the academic year 1988/89 and was valid till 1994, before the transfer of the educational system to the state educational standard.
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