Sports orientation at comprehensive school


A.M. Tikhonov professor, Ph.D.


A.M. Tikhonov professor, Ph.D.

Perm state pedagogical university, Perm

Key words: integration, teaching technology, teaching practice, creative approach, principles of effectiveness of education and priority of students' educational production.

The purpose of the research was to work a scientifically substantiated pedagogical technology of pedagogical practice of students of the faculty of physical culture, based on the integration of vocational training, science and practical activity and experimentally substantiate its effectiveness.

The experimental verification of the technology of teaching practice in collaboration of teachers with students resulted in creation and approval of the ways of formation of self-esteem of pupils' motor action, development of the research method in teaching physical culture, the method of notions construction; tables for work at technique of exercises with instructions on execution and self-rating criteria; subject planning on physical culture for primary and secondary schools, creation of control-measurement materials for schoolchildren. Over 60 graduation works were defended and 33 works were published by the subjects of the educational process by the results of the research and scientific-methods work. Teachers of physical culture and of the faculty - experts took part in the research and worked and checked by an experiment single aspects of teaching to innovative technology. In the authors' opinion, teaching practice organized this way can facilitate establishing full-vale relations between vocational training, research and practical activities, lack of which on the modern stage of development of university education is considered as a limiting factor of its further development.



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