Methods training system of healthy man in P.F. Lesgaft's pedagogical heritage


V.G. Sterlev postgraduate student

Methods training system of healthy man in P.F. Lesgaft's pedagogical heritage

V.G. Sterlev postgraduate student

V.N. Irkhin professor, Dr.Hab.

National research university of Belgorod state university, Belgorod

Key words: methods system, education of healthy man, P.F. Lesgaft's pedagogical heritage.

Nowadays when national traditions of training healthy man are being revived in the system of education anthropological-humanistic trends are traced, the need for understanding pedagogical heritage of sophists of the past is actualized, among whom special place is taken by the prominent Russian scientist of the end of XIX - beginning of the XXth century P.F. Lesgaft. He was the first to work an effective methods system of training of healthy man, based on the principles of the unity of education and training, amateur performance, consciousness, awareness, consistency, reliability, availability of knowledge, correlation of education and life and including the combination of purposes, contents, methods, means and forms of education, pedagogical conditions, necessary for the process of focused formation and strengthening of human health.

The created by P.F. Lasgaft methods training system of healthy man has the features of system object (integrity, fucntionality, capacity to improve); pedagogical system (didactic direction, differentiation). The key feature of the system is its anthropologic, conformity to child's nature, individual approach and view of children's typology. The basic ideas of his methods system are still acute nowadays and can effect favourably on solution of the hardest task of training of healthy man.



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