Value orientations and lifestyle of junior athletes in aspect of sociological analysis


L.I. Lubysheva


Value orientations and lifestyle of junior athletes in aspect of sociological analysis

L.I. Lubysheva

professor, Dr. Hab.

Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (SCOLIPC), Moscow

E.P. Maksachuk


Moscow state academy of physical culture, Moscow

Key words: sports culture, education, questionnaire, junior athletes, children's sports school.

The purpose of the sociological research was to study the value attitude of junior athletes to educative-training activity, sports lifestyle as elements of personal sports culture in the gender aspect and age differentiation.

Methods and organization of the research. The key method was the one of mass sociological questionnaire. Information was collected among students by means of standard questionnaire. 350 respondents in the age of 12, 14 and 16, studying at children's sports schools of the Moscow region, took part in it.

The conducted sociological research resulted in the following remark: despite the majority of junior athletes like trainings, more then a half of the ones interviewed considered sport as a method of physical development, ignoring other values of sports culture. Herewith, pupils of the children's specialized sports schools mark weak knowledge in the field of sport. Thus, the researchers see the necessity of active formation of sport culture in junior athletes to avoid the unilateral approach to the educative-training process.


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Received 31.05.2012