Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 10 2017



V.G. Volkov, A.A. Pashin, A.N. Khmelkov60 year history of academic sports in higher physical education system of Penza region


Sh.Z. Khubbiev, S.M. Lukina, S.A. Khismatullin, V.V. Trunin Physical Education Bachelor course at SPSU: design concept

N.S. Panchuk, Sh.Z. Khubbiev, V.E. Smirnov, E.A. Kunitsyna, A.D. MalchenkoAcademic physical education and sport specialist professional retraining curriculum and its implementation experience

A.D. Movshovich, V.V. LobanovPhilosophical and psychological aspects of strategic planning in sport education: case study of artistic fencing

S.N. Belyaev, V.V. Belyaeva, J.I. TikhonovaBenefits of competition organising and refereeing service basics course in physical education and sports institute (department) curricula

V.V. Mironov, V.L. PashutaManagement and practical skills building in military personnel physical training system managers


S.S. Namozova, Sh.Z. Khubbiev, L.V. Shadrin, N.L. Ilyina Morpho-functional and psychological profiles of academic athletes in context of athletic training process goals

R.S. Minvaleev, B.A. Mikhailov, A.I. Ivanov, E.N. KorablevaImpacts of research quality on academic sport accomplishments at classical university

B.A. Mikhailov, A.A. Napreenkov, A.M. Leontyuk, O.V. VashchukNational academic sports provisioning and financing practices in early 20th century

D.I. Nesterovskiy, A.A. Yevstratov Speed technique excelling system in academic basketball

V.V. Achkasov, A.V. Aksenova, S.B. Kulikov Ways to employ ancient sport heritage for junior athletes' training


L.V. Yarchikovskaya, Т.Е. Koval, S.M. Lukina, O.N. UstinovaRole of breathing exercises in combined health programs

A.A. Pashin, A.N. Khmelkov, A.M. VasilyevaAge- and gender-specific variations of attitudes to health and healthy lifestyle in academic youth

E.A. Cherepov, R.G. Shaikhetdinov, A.S. KhafizovaDynamics of functional status of classical university students of military training faculty driven by sportizated physical education

A.M. Patalakh, R.S. Minvaleev, D.A. ShmagunHatha yoga course in academic physical education curricula


V.V. Lobanov Ancient citizen-warrior education ideals cultivating in artistic fencing teams

S.B. KulikovAthletic training process design based on adapted ancient and modern ideas of natural science and psychology

A.V. Aksenova, S.B. KulikovAncient ideas accepted in modern artistic fencing

A.A. Podberezhnaya, S.B. KulikovAncient bout visualizing tools in modern artistic fencing training system


O.N. Oparina, N.V. Anisimova, O.A. DogurevichEvaluation of hemic system indicators in athletes in terms of adaptation to exercises


An Tzin, G.M. Biryukova Psychological profile of ice hockey team coach

E.V. KudryashovPhysical fitness characteristics of female basketball players of mass ranks

«Trainer» – journal in journal

A.G. Levitsky, D.A. Matveyev, A.A. Potsipun, O.V. Oshina, O.V. KholodkovaBiomechanical classification of actions in wrestling

S.M. Lukina, A.A. Somkin, E.A. Zhuzhakova, O.I. RozanovaAerobic gymnastics element “Flair”: technique of execution and training method

S.V. Pogodina, G.D. AleksanyantsAge- and gender-specific adaptability and functionality rates of highly-skilled athletes

G.A. Gilev, V.N. Gladkov, A.A. PleshakovMental skills building in leader athlete

V.V. Cherkasov, I.A. Ilyinykh, I.A. Starykh, Т.V. KalashnikovaSpecial endurance building in biathlon at special pre-season stage of annual training cycle


E.Y. Dyakova, A.A. MironovPeripheral blood circulation adaptation in finswimmers

Z.S. Zemlyakova, V.G. ShilkoEffects of slide aerobics on female students' functional state and physical fitness

E.S. Inozemtseva, E.G. KhatskalevaBenefits of rhythmic gymnastics tools for physical education of 20-25 year old females

Y.G. Kalinnikova, E.S. Inozemtseva, L.V. Kapilevich Physiological responses of athletes to rhythmic loads


V.B. Myakonkov, Т.V. KopylovaConsumer Values of modern sports viewed as socially important phenomenon

T.E. Koval, L.V. Yarkchikovskaya, L.S. Rozanova, A.S. Sidorenko Accessible environment formation in context of sports for all movement (case study of mass Russian remote festivals)

I.A. Koretskaya, N.V. Dneprovskaya, I.V. Shevtsova, M.N. Mikhailovsky – Emotional burnout as contributor to negative personality changes in professional athletes

N.A. Deberdeeva, M.V. Polevaya, Т. Tarasova, R.S. Tarasov – Students' stress tolerance rating by modern psychological test methods

I.V. Mikhaylova – Chess to improve life quality of hearing-impaired individuals