“Problems of physical training education: tendencies, subject, methods, organization”

Dear colleagues!

In the period from the 23 to the 27 October 2013 I. Kant State University of Russia will be holding The Second International scientific congress “Problems of the physical training education: subject, tendencies, methods, organization” The state of modern PT education and perspectives of its perfection in the 21 century are going to be discussed during this congress.

The necessity of this International forum is defined by the emergence of some serious problems concerning fragmentation of its contents on all levels of training PT education and sports specialists.

In the course of the congress we are planning to determine strategic trends of the unification of modern PT education, to discuss conceptual states of its development in the nearest decade.

The organization committee includes the leading scientists of Russia, Europe, Asia and America who will present the reports on the questions of the subject, tendencies and methods of the professional and non-special PT education perfection at the plenary and section meetings. As a result of the congress, a book of the submitted articles and theses will be published.

The congress organizers, the staff of IKSUR will do their best to provide warm and creative atmosphere in the course of the meeting of the leading PT and sports experts and contribute considerably to development of the world sports science and promote the further cooperation in solutions of the essential problems of the PT education.

Scientific sections of the Congress:

Section№1.    Theoretical-methodological aspects of the PT education

Section№2.    The trends and subject of the professional PT education

Section№3    The problems of modernization of the system of continuous PT education

Section№4    Modern problems of health and healthy lifestyle in the PT education

Section№5    Sports in the system of PT education

Section№6    Medical-biological problems of PT education

Section№7    Problems of training professionals to work with people with disabilities and persons with disabilities in the state of health.The trends and subject of education in adaptive physical training

Section№8    The subject and tendencies of the professional training of PT specialists in military structures

Section№9  Choreographic education: issues, challenges and prospects.

The official languages of the Congress:

Russian and English

To participate in the congress and see your articles/reports published you are to submit the following:

- an application for participating in the Congress

- the text of the article

- the confirmation of payment to the Organization Committee (e-mail address: bfu13@mail.ru) no later than July 1, 2013.

To participate in the Congress it is necessary to pay the following registration fee:( the price in roubles is available for citizens of the Russian Federation only; the price for foreigners is in euro and includes postal charges for sending The book of articles and theses abroad and commission bank charges for currency transactions).

Correspondence participation:

1000 roubles/ 35 euros

-The main theses of the report

-The book of Congress articles and theses

Full-time participation:

3000 roubles/ 100 euros

-Participation in scientific sessions of the Congress

-Portfolio of the participant

-The book of Congress articles and theses

-Name badge of the Congress participant

-Certificate of the Congress participant

-Lunch during the sessions of the Congress (Oktober, 24-25)

Separately, at the request of the participants, paid:

-Welcome and farewell dinner (Oktober, 24/25)

-Cultural program (Oktober, 23-28)

The cost of staying in the hotel is not included in the registration fee.

If the article is written by a group of authors, the collection of main points is sent to the first one. The postage is by cash on delivery.

Requirements to the articles formating:

The compilation of scientific materials will have been published by the opening of the conference. The volume of the article is no less than 3 (three) and no more than 5(five) pages through 1,0 interval, including bibliography. The page is of A4 format, in Word Microsoft Office. Times New Roman type is size 14. The margins are: the top- 2,5 sm., the bottom- 2,5 sm., the left-2,5 sm., the right- 2,5 sm. The illustrations (tables, pictures, charts, diagrams) are included into the text in black and white and within the text limits.

The title of the article is written in capital letters in clarendon. The author’s name, initials, scientific degree and academic rank, the complete name of the institution, the name of the city are written in italics in clarendon.

The bibliographical list at the end of the article is called LITERATURE and mounted in the alphabetical order in accordance with requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission (no more than 7 sources). The references to the literature in the text are given in numbers which correspond to the number of author in the bibliographical list in square brackets. For example:[ 1, 3 7].

Accessories to transfer congress registration fee:

Postal order to: str. Pioneer, Building 11, Apt. 1 236016, Kaliningrad,

Full name - Glinchikova Larisa

For detailed information on organization and conducting the Congress you can contact:

Scientific information: Victor Konstantinovich Pelmenev

tel. 8-4012-218629

e-mail: bfu13@mail.ru

General information: Larisa Aleksandrovna Glinchikova

tel. +7-921-260-3013

tel. 8-4012-218629

e-mail: bfu13@mail.ru

We invite you to take part in the Congress.