Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №5-2017


L.I. Lubysheva, A.A. BadrtdinovaGender-specific socialization challenges for women engaged in traditionally men's sports© ►►►pp.2-5
A.I. Rakovetskiy, V.V. PonomarevQuestionnaire survey to study university students' attitudes to boxing sport© ►►►pp.6-7
E. Rumyantseva, A.A. Peredel'skyTaekwondo as a socio-cultural system© ►►►pp.8-10
A.R. Mamayev, M.A. Yakunchev, V.D. Mikhailov, A.I. VlasovKey stages of professional boxing sport evolution process© ►►►pp.11-13

E.A. Cherepov, A.S. Khafizova, E.F. BaymukhametovaSportizated physical education as a basis for efficient health-building environment in general education school system© ►►►pp.14-18
S.P. Levushkin, V.D. Sonkin, S.I. IzaakRating age-specific junior fitness for Russian Physical Culture and Sports GTO Complex tests © ►►►pp.19-22
N.V. Andrianova, V.V. Mitusov, M.V. Andrianov Wrestling-based sportizated physical education technology for primary pupils© ►►►pp.23-25

A.G. Polivaev, A.V. Shabanov, A.N. Rodionov, S.S. Stoycheva, I.A. IrgashevaTraining bachelors of physical education for school physical education sportization technology implementation© ►►►pp.26-29
N.G. Zakrevskaya, E.V. Utisheva, P.G. Bordovsky, E.Y. KomevaDistance education technology with of electronic education elements in physical education university© ►►►pp.30-33

«CHILDREN'S COACH» – journal in journal
A.S. Zaychenko, Y.A. PopovSpeed qualities excelling training for footballers in different game positions© ►►►pp.34-36
E.V. Zhgun, I.V. Absalyamova, L.V. Kuznetsova, S.E. Fomicheva  – Actions to improve modern federal standards for figure skating sport at primary training (sport specialization) stage© ►►►pp.37-39
M.V. Andrianov, E.D. Mitusova, V.V. MitusovGreco-Roman wrestlers' physicality building training process© ►►►pp.40-41
A.S. Ananyin, L.V. Bulykina, S.D. KunyshevaAnalysis of video replay service benefits in volleyball© ►►►pp.42-43
O.V. Kudryavtseva, M.A. Kaimin, D.A. Vasilchenko, E.I. Mikhailova, E.B. DerevlevaCoordination ability building practices of schoolchildren in 15-16 year-olds by group basketball trainings© ►►►pp.44-48
I.K. Latypov, Z.T. UsmanovaPsychological aspects of special school education for future professional physical education career© ►►►pp.49-50
Y.I. Glembotskaya, D.Y. ZhelandinovaAnalysis of integrated lesson "Organization of social recreational programs"© ►►►pp.51-52

S.Y. Maksimova, N.A. Fomina Theoretical and practical provisions for integrative potential of modern physical education© ►►►pp.53-54
E.D. Mitusova, V.V. Mitusov, M.V. Andrianov Programmatic and practical provisions for off-class practices in Physical Education discipline© ►►►pp.55-57
S.S. FrolovaIssues of development of integrated physical education programs for general education schools© ►►►pp.58-60


S.I. BelykhAcademic personality-centered non-professional physical education specialist training system design methodology© ►►►pp.61-63
N.V. Peshkova Polysubjective management system efficiency in academic sports in context of physical self-improvement agenda© ►►►pp.64-66
V.V. Ponomarev, A.A. Lozovoy, A.I. Rakovetsky, A.A. RybakovaModel physical development and fitness rates to qualify students for sportizated rugby sevens groups© ►►►pp.67-68

A.V. Makarov, V.V. PonomarevAll-round mental conditioning method to make cadets of Siberian Fire Rescue Academy fit for emergency services© ►►►pp.69-71

L.V. Kuznetsova, E.V. ZhgunActions to improve modern advanced education curricula for special children's and youth Olympic reserve schools in figure skating discipline© ►►►pp.72-74
A.V. Goferberg, A.G. Polivaev Success factors of Russian national team competitive performance in 2016 World Futsal Championship© ►►►pp.75-77
Y.E. Kutsenko, L.V. TarasovaFactor structure of physical fitness of junior rhythmic gymnasts© ►►►pp.78-79