Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 8 2017



V.N. Boyko, G.M. Akushev - 20th anniversary of physical education and sports department of Surgut State Pedagogical University!


V.L. Botyaev, M.S. PozdyshevaPhysical education and sports department of pedagogical university: students' motor coordination abilities rating analysis

S.A. Sedov, E.E. Merzon - Pedagogical education quality rating system development in academic physical education discipline

N.V. Stetzenko, E.A. Shirobakina, M.N. Sandirova, I.V. Lushchik - Analysis of higher education standards versus professional physical culture and sport education standards

E.O. Rybakova, T.N. Shutova - Recreational competency of future bachelors of physical education

S.R. Sharifullina, V.A. Martynova, A.A. Askhamov, J.K. ZhestkovaIndividualised physical education model driven by anthropometric and functonality rates in application to future teachers


V.P. Guba - Children's and youth sports: basics of training process quality assurance technology and research


A.A. Govorukhina, O.A. Malkov, O.L. Nifontova, A.A. Novoselova, E.E. Ibragimova - Physical education and sports department students residing in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region (Yugra); regulatory mechanisms and vascular system condition analysis

M.V. Shakhehelislamova, F.G. Sitdikov, N.B. Dikopolskaya, G.A. Bilalova, R.G. Biktemirova, F.R. Zotova - Junior ice hockey players' hemodynamics analysis

N.A. Fudin, S.Ya. Klassina, S.N. Pigareva, Y.E. VaginEffects of hypoventilation breathing on physical working capacity and cardiorespiratory rates under step exercises: comparative analysis


 A.V. Minkin, A.V. Kostin, N.N. KostinaMobile unit and software applicable in Russian physical culture and sport GTO complex tests

N.N. Setyaeva, L.V. Sokolovskaya, L.V. Diorditsa - Pedagogical university students' health rating and improvement in academic education period

F.N. Soldatenkov - Educational motivations building in non-pedagogical academic curricula using Olympic education methods at pedagogical university

G.N. Tkhazeplova, A.M. TkhazeplovFemale students' functionality variations in academic cardio-strength fitness groups

G.A. Gavronina, T.I. Chedova, K.V. Chedov, S.V. Soloviev - Educational provisions for sport club cultural resource mobilisation for general cultural progress of university students


O.N. Boyko, V.N. Boyko - Mentally retarded senior pupils' psychophysical condition correction via new physical education model

R.M. Gimazov, G.A. Bulatova - Adaptive responses of neuromuscular system to training loads in youth kettlebell lifting sport

O.L. Nifontova, A.A. Govorukhina, O.A. Malkov, O.G. Litovchenko, V.Z. Konkov - Physical development rates of 9-11-year-old male residents of Russian Yugra North

L.A. Semenov, V.V. VlasovEffects of summer vacations on primary pupils' physical fitness test rates


A.A. Solovyev, I.V. Ponkin, V.V. Grebennikov - Sport legislation codification to improve legal situation in national sports

"TRAINER" - journal in journal

S.V. Mukhaev, L.A. Semenov - Advanced technology conversion specifics in sports

N.I. Ismailova, Y.A. Tsagarelli, S.L. Shumikhin - Computerised system to rate junior athletes' psycho-emotional stability in team and individual sport disciplines

G.M. Ljdokova, K.R. Volkova, A.I. Pianzin - Coach's contribution to coach-athlete interactions in powerlifting sport

A.Y. Dron, I.G. Gibadullin, K.M.-R. Kasumov - Mental functionality tests to rate rehabilitative training effects in racing skiers' training systems

I.A. Mishchenko, V.A. Kashkarova, A.V. Vishnyakov, Т.S. Frolova - Control of the functional state of highly qualified Taekwondo players in preparation for the main start of the season using the mid-mountain range


S.N. Neupokoev, J.P. Bredikhina, N.L. Guseva - Influence of muscle tension type on bioelectrical activity and regional blood flow in lower limbs of skilled boxers

L.V. Kapilevich, E.V. Medvedeva, A.A. Ilyin, K.V. DavletyarovaDisabled students’ adaptation to inclusive education environments

L.M. BezhentsevaUnderage female athletes' motor skills development by aesthetic gymnastics toolkit

E.V. Kudryashov - Strength fitness rates of junior volleyball and futsal players: comparative analysis


N.I. Sinyavsky, A.V. Fursov - Rating schoolchildren's fitness for "Ready for Labour and Defence" GTO complex tests

O.A. Malkov, A.A. Govorukhina, O.L. Nifontova, E.A. Bagnetova, A.A. Novoselova - First-aid knowledge and skills rating in context of GTO complex tests

M.E. Snigur - Rating 6-8 year-olds physical fitness for obligatory GTO complex tests

A.V. Fursov, N.I. Sinyavsky - Rating progress of education institutions in training for and organising GTO complex tests

D.V. Fonarev, Т.V. Kugusheva, Т.А. Kheruvimova - Academic physical education and healthy and safe lifestyle promotion issues addressed at scientific forum