30th anniversary of higher school of physical culture and sport of Immanuel Kant baltic federal university



V.K. Pel'menev, professor, Dr.Hab. Immanuel Kant Baltic federal university, Kaliningrad
Key words: history of formation, personnel training in physical culture and sport, scientific activity, sports achievements, international activity.
Introduction. The higher school of physical culture and sport of Immanuel Kant Baltic federal university is the only educational institution of higher vocational training in the field of physical culture in the Kaliningrad region [1].

The history of the Higher school of physical culture and sport of Kant BFU started in the 80s. In 1981 the resolution on development of physical culture and sport was adopted by the Council of Ministers. This resolution was a prerequisite of opening of the department of physical culture and sport on the basis of Kaliningrad state university. In this period there was a shortage of experts in physical education in the region. The specialization "physical culture" was opened in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Higher Education of the RSFSR № 401 dated June 21, 1983 and the Order of Ministry of Education of the USSR № 1434 dated August 23, 1983.

In Kaliningrad state university the pedagogical department was established with the branch with the specialization "physical culture". The branch was presented by the department of theory and methodology of physical education with founder and long-lasting leader Dr.Hab., professor, Honored trainer of the Russian Federation, honored worker of higher school Victor Konstantinovich Pel’menev.

The faculty of physical education was developed. In 1988 the chair was claimed a department along with the development of Kaliningrad state university. The scientific educational potential of the department was steadily increasing: from the department of theory and methodology of physical education (1988), the department of sports and medicobiological disciplines (1995) to the department of sports games, the gymnastics department, the department of cyclic sports, the department of adaptive physical culture and recreation (2000).

Expert, bachelor and master training is being carried out in two faculties extended in compliance with training orientations: the department of theory and methodology of physical culture with the department of choreographic art (head of the department - Ph.D., associate professor E.O. Shirshova); faculty of physical culture (head of the department - Ph.D., associate professor G.L. Morozov)

Students are being trained by 50 teachers, among them 3 doctors of science, 14 Ph.D.'s, 11 masters of sport, 3 Honored trainers of the RF, 5 teachers awarded with badges of honor "High Achiever of physical culture".

The educational process is being carried out on the modern material and technical and educational base: lecture halls with audio and video equipment, computer class; complex of laboratory equipment, library fund of over 44 thousand hard-copies, electronic catalog of over 150 information sources. Classes in sports disciplines are being held in seven gyms. There is a training village for training camps to get ready for competitions.

The sports and fitness complex with basketball and volleyball courts was opened in 2009, and the grand opening of the pool was held in 2010. Students of the Higher school got a chance to improve their sport and sport-educational level, and students of Kant Baltic federal university - to engage in a variety of optional sports clubs (according to their interests).

9 doctoral and 114 master's theses, including 15 of them made on the departments of Higher school, were defended in the dissertation council, headed since 2003 by Director of Higher school, Dr.Hab., professor V.K. Pel’menev.

The distinctive feature of Kant Baltic federal university is its geopolitical position, which is reflected in the university's mission - to ensure long-term competitiveness of the exclave Kaliningrad region surrounded by the EU by forming a recognized scientific and educational centre of the European standard in the Baltic sea region. The international cooperation of the Higher school of physical culture and sport is represented by active implementation of partnerships with foreign universities of Belarus (Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, Minsk; Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno), Poland (Gdansk; Warmian-Masurian University in Olsztyn), Lithuania (Vilnius University, Klaipeda university), Germany (Christian Albrechts University Kiel), Latvia (Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Riga). The academic mobility of students and teachers, implementation of joint scientific projects, participation in international competitions - all this contributes to the integration of the Higher school educational activity in the European educational environment.

The main objective of the Higher school of physical culture and sport in this direction is organization and management of the international activities of students, postgraduates, employees and teachers. The activities are not limited to academic and scientific exchange programs or organization of visits of foreign delegations, they involve organization of joint events, elaboration of scientific and educational projects. Establishment in 2007 of the international "School of Young Scientists" (headed by Ph.D.’s, associate professors E.L. Matova and L.A. Glinchikova) was the practical solution of these tasks. Students and postgraduates of Kant BFU, Christian Albrechts University Kiel (Germany), Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Belarus), Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla participated in this project. The topics to discuss within school specializations provide ample opportunities for open and motivated discussion of crucial issues in the community of students, master students and postgraduates and identification of effective ways to solve the pressing problems. School work provides for young scientists the prospect for new explorations and exciting discoveries.

Athletes with world-class achievements were trained and are being trained at the moment in the higher school including: Andrei Cherkasov - bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, member of the Russian team, Andrei Shumilin - participant at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, 1996, winner of the World Cup (1993, 1995, 1998), bronze medalist of the World Championships (1993, 1998, 1999); Rozinkevich Dmitry - bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, 1996, World Cup winner 1997, 1998, member of the national team; Svirin Alexey - Olympic champion in Athens 2004, European champion, 2007, 2011, member of the Russian national team; Krupnyakov Alexey - world Cup winner, European Champion, 2-fold prize winner of the World championship, member of two Olympic Games: Athens 2004, Beijing 2008; Ishchenko Natalia - 3- fold Olympic Champion: Beijing, 2008, London, 2012, 16-fold World Champion, 9-fold European champion, member of the Russian national team, Zhukova Ksenia - winner at the Surdolympic games in Beijing, 2008 in track and field athletics (running, long jump), repeated champion of Russia in long jumps, high jumps and triple jump, record holder of Russia in triple jump, winner of the European Championship and the World Cup for the deaf.

The total of elite athletes that have been trained, are being trained and working in the Higher school is: 11 honored masters of sports, 9 Honored trainers of Russia, 17 masters of sports of international grade. Graduates of the department are working successfully both within the region and the country and abroad. Currently, they are working hard both in the neighboring countries such as: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, etc, and abroad: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and other countries.

Conclusion. The teaching staff of the Higher school of physical culture and sport of Kant BFU are confident and optimistic about their future. They plan to open the Master course in the specializations "Organization of work with young people", "Economy and Management in the field of physical culture and sport", “Sports Journalism" and to develop double degree programmes. The scientific potential of teachers, postgraduates, doctoral students, employees of Higher school, their strive for competitiveness in the European Union - are the guarantee of the reality of achievement of long-range goals.


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