Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 3 2017



I.I. Gotovtsev, U.A. Vinokurova, I.E. Maksimov, G.G. AlekseevaEthno-pedagogics in continuous physical education system

A.P. Argunova, T.N. PetrovaProfessional pedagogical competence in physical education specialist training system

V.R. Abramova, A.I. Danilova, E.V. Korkin Female students of Far Northern physical culture university: physical development monitoring

M.V. PopovaConflict management behavioural models of physical culture university students

A.V. Smyshlyaev, L.G. Smyshlyaeva, K.A. Smyshlyaev, A.V. BelousovPhysical education teacher's competences required to train foreign students

A.A. Babina Physical education specialist's creative potential mobilizing via education process design: case study of physical culture and sports GTO complex


R.V. Tambovtseva, V.R. OrelFractional breathing impact on haemodynamic effects of archers in recovery period

I.P. Sivokhin, V.F. Skotnikov, O.Y. Komarov, M. Tapsir, A.I. Fedorov, A.P. Kalashnikov Benefits of alactate training processes for elite weightlifters' training systems


P.I. Sobakin Speed-and-strength training program for competitive Yakut jumpers

V.I. Goncharov, E.A. MukhachevMotor skills building process profiling study

A.B. Tinyukov, L.D. NazarenkoSystem approach to build up movement coordination qualities in skilled female volleyball players


V.M. Kirilina, L.M. Kielevyaynen, N.V. Kolesnikova, N.I. BalchyuneneAdaptive physical education: Russian and foreign experience of development

Y.A. Bukov, I.M. BelousovaRespiration modules application in preparatory health group students' physical education process

I.V. Mikhaylova, A.I. AlifirovChess game application for people diagnosed with mental and intellectual disorders

E.A. Petrova, A.S. Makhov, D.V. Savchenko, M.A. KovalevaSome aspects of Paralympians' mental and emotional conditions


A.E. Bolotin, O.E. Piskun, S.N. PogodinSpecial features of sports management for university students with regard to their value-motivational orientation

T.N. Shutova, L.B. AndryushchenkoYoung people's motor activity encouraging fitness technologies based on integrated approach

V.A. Shchegolev, V.P. Sushchenko, O.E. PiskunStudents' attitude toward Russian physical culture and sports GTO complex (Ready for Labour and Defence)


A.G. Shchurov, S.V. Alekseev, E.V. Popova, O.V. StarolavnikovaPhysical fitness of schoolchildren in megalopolis


A.A. Gorelov, E.N. Artemova, O.G. RumbaOutline and focus of female gymnasts' individualized training process for balance beam exercises at advanced specialization stage

V.L. Rostovtsev, A.A. GrushinDynamic electrical stimulation for competitive progress: application technology and benefits

V.V. Farbey, K.S. DunaevCombined racing skiers' competitive fitness typing at sport mastery excellence stage

A.A. Novikov, G.F. Vasilyev, E.Y. Krupnik, S.V. Karaulov Innovative theoretical and practical support for competitive progress of highly-skilled athletes

V.N. LoginovMas-wrestlers' competitive fitness optimizing at sport excellence stage


E.N. Abramov, S.M. Obukhov, V.A. Rodionov, A.A. Peshkov, S.N. MurtazinSport reserve training system in municipal districts

V.A. Vishnevskiy Billiards as adaptive sport  

B.P. Yakovlev, N.R. Usaeva, V.V. Apokin, I.B. Tarasenko, A.G. Banshchikov Mental stress test rates in academic learning process for healthy sporting students versus their peers with disabilities


U.A. Vinokurova, Y.I. Zhegusov, A.E. Mestnikova, G.G. Alekseeva, V.N. Alekseev "Children of Asia" International Sports Games promoted as socially and culturally beneficial project by Yakut (Sakha) Republic

S.S. GulyaevaClub format of physical culture, sporting and health activity in Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

N.N. SivtsevRural teaching practice for physical culture university students: regional design and educational and practical provisions

E.G. Vinokurov, N.M. Popova, A.N. KuzminaNational physical culture and sports progress specificsSakha Republic (Yakutia)