Krasnoyarsk territory: sports actions to national health and records


S.I. Alekseev, Minister of sports, tourism and youth policy of the Krasnoyarsk territory, Krasnoyarsk
Key words: development, organization, administration, physical culture, sport, personnel training, elite sport, mass sport.
The federal strategy of development of physical culture and sport till 2020, designed in 2009 by the Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy of the Russian Federation (RF), realized within fulfillment of the order of the President of the RF, has become a significant start for acceleration of the rates of development of the sector in many subjects of the country.

The Krasnoyarsk territory is one of the first RF subjects that started implementation of the tasks set by the federal centre. The “Strategy of development of physical culture and sport in the Krasnoyarsk territory” till 2020, adopted soon after the issue of the federal strategy, resulted from the wide-scale analytical work.
The scale of the territorial area and remoteness of territorial municipal institutions from each other provoke the necessity of creating affiliates in the basic towns of the territory situated in the North, South, West and East.
All the listed aspects were taken into account while developing the modern structure of institutions of physical culture and sport in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

  1. Personnel training. The staffing requirements in the sector of “Physical culture and sport” for 2010-2015 in the Krasnoyarsk territory are 1 122 experts in physical culture and sport. The specialist training is being carried out by the Institute of physical culture, sport and tourism of Siberian federal university, Institute of physical culture, sport and health named after I.S. Yarygin of Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical university named after V.P. Astaf’ev, Krasnoyarsk college of Olympic reserve and Divnogorsk college of Olympic reserve, the annual graduation is over 400 experts in physical culture and sport. Krasnoyarsk Regional Institute of Professional Development of employees of physical culture and sport was established in compliance with the decree of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk territory dated 1.2012 № 931-r by changing the type of regional state funded educational institution for further vocational education (professional development). This is the first in Russia institute intended to improve professional knowledge and business skills of experts in the sport sector. The institute woks with various target audience – from municipal experts in physical culture to teachers-trainers.
  2. Organization of medical control. Medical assistance of the ones involved in physical culture and sport in the structure of the territorial doctor’s sports service is provided by 199 medical officers. Every year 900 athletes are under the care of doctors’ team based on the Sport medicine center of Siberian clinical center of FMBA Russia, including athletes from the Krasnoyarsk territory, and approximately 3500 athletes of the Russian national team and the closest reserve. The primary organizational-methodological role in the system of medical examination of physical education teachers and athletes belongs to Krasnoyarsk regional medical-training dispensary.
  3. Mass physical culture and sport. Everyone knows that in compliance with the plans of the RF government a third of the country’s population will be engaged in regular occupations of physical culture and sport by 2015. The Krasnoyarsk territory has prerequisites for the final success. Following the results of 2011 the financing of physical culture and sport has significantly increased. But one should understand that the recorded numbers are mainly stipulated by the scaling construction of sports facilities in the territory. The financing of other constituents of development of the industry is being gradually increased compared with 2009.
  4. The territorial system of sports clubs. Today domiciliary and school and university sport clubs are the basis of sports activity with people of different ages and social groups. 
    In order to change the situation in the strive to revive the so popular in the 80s of the last century strong system of domiciliary sport clubs the Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy of the Krasnoyarsk territory in the long-term target program “From large-scale involvement to mastery” for 2011-2013 provided cash assets to support active and create 250 new domiciliary sport clubs in territorial municipal institutions.
    • a specialized web site was designed and launched in 2012 in collaboration with the industry institute of professional development;
    • he sports contest “My sports yard” is held;
    • the advanced training courses are arranged for employees of domiciliary sport clubs, territorial shows-contests among sport clubs and sport club instructors;
    • the guide on creation and activity of domiciliary sports clubs was made and redesigned.
    In its turn, Ministry of education and science of the Territory is busy with establishment of residence clubs within the target program “Children” and pursues the goal of creating sport clubs at every complete comprehensive school in the towns and regions of the territory.
    The system of domiciliary club sports contests in Krasnoyarsk can be called unique due to the following reasons:
    •all competitions are held in the field of sports, that are not regular for sport schools;
    •the program of the municipal sports contest among domiciliary clubs includes family football, felt boots hockey, Russian ball game, school sports days with elements of sports tourism, Russian national games and plays, ultimate frisbee (team game with a flying saucer). In order to make the process of establishment of a network of domiciliary sport clubs integrated:
  5. Sports infrastructure. Big sports construction has been launched in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The number of sports facilities of different types has increased by 415 units in the period from 2008 till 2012. When planning construction first of all in view of the economic feasibility principles, the territorial authorities resolved to construct custom designs in the territorial municipal institutions. Facilities for mass sport and sports reserve will be built in all territorial municipal institutions. The construction plan of sports facilities in Krasnoyarsk provided for the fact that in compliance with active standards municipal sports facilities within the walking distance should be less than 30 minutes walk.
    The sport centers, introduced within the period from 2010 till 2012 are operating effectively:
    • the indoor track in the town of Achinsk; the sports center “Rassvet” in Krasnoyarsk;
    • fitness center in the Dubinino village, the town of Sharypovo;
    • fitness center in Sovetsky district of Krasnoyarsk territory;
    • covered ice rink in Leninsky district of Krasnoyarsk;
    • fitness centers in Sharypovo, Bolsheuluysky district;
    • swimming pool in the town of Zelenogorsk;
    • sports center with a swimming pool in Kansk; sports centers in the Shushensky district  and in the town of Kulun of Uzhursky district;
    • sports centers in Berezovsky and Balakhtinsky districts, the town of Minusinsk;
    • the launched after reconstruction covered ice rink ‘Sokol” and 2 objects to develop elite sport “Set of objects for NKSU “Biathlon academy”, “Arena. North” with the capacity of 2500-3000 visitors in Krasnoyarsk”.
    In 2012 4 covered sports objects were put into operation: sports complex in Berezovy and Balakhtinsky districts, Minusinsk, covered ice rink “Sokol” and 2 artificial football turfs in Krasnoyarsk from the territorial budget allocations, in Achinsk (2 units) from extrabudgetary sources, the artificial turf for the Berezovsky district was financed from the federal budget.
    The objects being planned for 2013 are: sports complex with a swimming pool in Sosnovoborsk; sports complex in Divnogorsk, covered ice rink in the Oktyabrsky district, Krasnoyarsk, and sports and trainers’ block “Gorny” within the establishment of Academy of winter sports. Football fields with artificial turf are to be put into operation in Krasnoyarsk (2 units) and Emel’yanovsky districts.
    Construction of objects, to be put into operation in 2014, is being continued in 2013: covered ice rink in Dudinsk, fitness center with a swimming pool and gym in Lesisibirsk and covered football field in Krasnoyarsk. Moreover, the construction of sport complex in Boguchany village of Boguchansky district and multifunction sport center “Sopka” is planned in 2013 within the scope of establishment of the regional training center “Academy of winter sports”.
  6. Training of sports reserve. 
  7. Elite sport. The results of participation of Russia in the latest Olympics in summer in Beijing and in winter in Vancouver, which turned to be not a big success, provided for the revolutionary, as we think, step from the RF Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy – resolution, which determined basic sports for RF subjects, conditioned a set of federal supportive measures.

Fig. 1. The diagram of the share of residents of the Krasnoyarsk territory, regularly engaged in physical culture and sport (% of the total number of the territorial population).

Fig. 2. Trajectory of sport qualification

Fig. 3. Chart of the modern state of training of sport reserve

Understanding the importance of the decision adopted by RF Ministry for sport, tourism and youth policy, the territory was among the first from the subjects of the country to sign a cooperation agreement with the Ministry in development of basic sports and now is actively working in this direction. Sports training centers in the form of academies were opened for the system, purposeful training of the next reserve and members of Russian national teams in basic sports in the territory in the status of autonomous institutions.
In 2010 the network of academies was completed by establishing Winter sports Academy with 9 basic sports departments. Nowadays academies are being actively provided with material and technical base via construction of sports facilities.
In 2011 the Biathlon Academy was opened. In March 2012 Summer sports Academy was established with five basic sports departments. According to the results of the taken measures 18 athletes from the Krasnoyarsk territory are already the real candidates for participation in Sochi Olympics (2014).
Nowadays the peculiarity of the state policy is creation of the comfortable life environment in any part of the country, build-up of the human capital, training of the generation of active modern people. Development of physical culture and sport is crucial in solution of this complicated task, since society needs healthy and energetic citizens. In the coming years the work on construction of new sports objects, expansion of sport school network, institutions and clubs is to be continued in the Krasnoyarsk territory, promoting significant changes in sports infrastructure of the Siberian region, bringing health and physical activity to the masses, making it a usual way of life.


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