Sports heritage of project "Sochi-2014" as a factor of intensive development of Russian social institution of sport


L.I. Lubysheva, professor, Dr. Hab.
Sports heritage of Olympic project "Sochi-2014" as a factor of intensive development of Russian social institution of sport
L.I. Lubysheva, professor, Dr. Hab., E.D. Mitusova, associate professor, Ph.D., Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (SCOLIPC), Moscow
Key words: large-scale sport contests, Olympic games, classification, heritage.
Sport has a vast value potential and is able to perform numerous sociological functions, including formation of public opinion, people's lifestyle, human personal properties, state image. The level of sports results in modern society is frequently considered not only as athlete's achievement, but also as an index of development of the country, its science and technologies.
The purpose of the present research was to determine the content of sports heritage of XXII Winter Olympic games and its effect on development of Russian social institution of sport.
Materials and methods. The studies were carried out using such methods as sociological analysis of official documents, use of internet.
Realization of Olympic heritage serves an impetus of regional economic development, associated with increase of investments to the sphere of tourist industry and population; modernization of existing infrastructure by means of innovative sports technologies for classes of physical culture and sport; creation of conditions for realization of cultural interaction, development of volunteer movement.
The project "Sochi-2014" us not only the quality of constructions or state prestige: Russia strives for changing its image by means of Olympic games. World public treats with distrust to the country corrupted economy, managed democracy, terrorism, ecological miscalculations. Russian public, political elite, establishes, develops and opens to the world a new, prospering country, capable of being a great sports power with the use of sport.
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