Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 9 2022


L.I. Lubysheva, L.G. PashchenkoModern social contradictions of mass sport  3
A.V. Kubeev, A.A. Oganesyan, E.A. Savenkova, V.A. MatinaComparative evaluation of the main parameters of racing distances of the largest international and all-russian competitions in modern road cycling  6
I.N. Solopov, V.B. Avdienko, T.G. Fomichenko, I.V. BgantsevaMethodological bases of differentiated control and evaluation of special physical and functional fitness of swimmers at different stages of long-term sports training  9
V.Yu. Karpov, M.N. Komarov, I.A. Rodionova, L.N. Porubaiko Modernization of training of highly qualified croly swimmers on the basis of historiographical analysis of world records  12
E.S. Netsvetaeva, V.A. Borovaya, E.P. Vrublevskiy, S.V. SevdalevAnalysis of the age dynamics of competitive activity in athletics all-around in the aspect of sexual dimorphism  14
A.I. Kharitonova, E.M. Klimovа Theoretical modeling of assessment of professional skills of athletes  17
I.G. Stanislavskaya, G.M. Biryukova, S.D. Gurieva, I.A. KostyukovFactors of successful sports activities in road-ring racing  20
I.V. Liman, A.V. Zhalilov, D.M. Pravdov, A.Yu. ZagorodnikovaMethodology for training judges in oriental martial art  23
K.G. Zelensky, G.N. Ponomarev, V.F. Kostyuchenko, E.G. ShubinBuilding a year cycle of training direction finders at the stage of improving sports skills  26
A.A. Rzhanov, A.A. Akhmatgatin, V.Yu. Lebedinsky, A.G. KharkovskayaSpatio-time psychomotor references of motor characteristics in volleyball   29
V.F. Lutkov, L.L. Miller, G.I. Smirnov, D.I. Shadrin Method of functional evaluation of adaptation of volleyball players in microcycles of sports training  32
T.A. Martirosova, E.D. Kondrashova, A.S. Gorbachev, P.A. Maleev Comparative analysis of the general physical fitness of qualified polyathlonists  36
A.I. AlifirovConceptual approaches to the training of chess referees  39

E.A. Milashechkina, V.V. Milashechkina, D.A. PotapovAge-related features of the manifestation of the level of anxiety in divers in the assessment of negative mental states  42

S.Yu. Zavalishina, E.S. Kachenkova, Yu.V. Zbrueva, G.N. GermanovPhysiological reactions of the cardiovascular system in conditions of vestibular irritation in tennis players 45
I.A. Pogonysheva, E.Yu. Shalamova, O.N. Ragozin, D.A. PogonyshevSeasonal changes in the cardiovascular system parameters of young people with a high level of physical activity 48
G.N. Ponomarev, N.L. Volkova, E.V. KvashninaPeculiarities of the organism response to physical load in schoolchildren of the highest grades with insufficient body weight  51
R.V. Tambovtseva, A.V. Nikitenkova, I.A. Nikulina, E.V. Pletneva –  Influence of metabolic syndrome on biochemical parameters of middle-age women engaged in health physical culture  54
R.V. Kuchin, M.V. Stogov, N.D. Nenenko, T.A. MaksimovaFunctional hypocalcemia as a probable trigger for bone mass growth in skiers  57
V.S. Milashechkin, T.I. Dzhandarova, I.N. Gernet, A.V. RusanovOntogenetic features of physical fitness and functioning of the central nervous system of college students  60
A.K. Martusevich, I.V. Bocharin, M.S. Guryanov, A.O. KashirinaAdaptive potential of the cardiovascular system of medical students on the basis of load testing  63

I.N. Voroshin, I.V. Dmitriev, A.V. Maslennikov, A.A. MironovSpecial physical training in frame ranning sport disciplines of persons with lesions of the musculoskeletal system  66
V.V. Savelyeva, G.N. Ponomarev Application of the pulley tower training complex by highly qualified athletes who complete a sports career with injuries of the musculoskeletal system  69

A.S. Boldov, V.Yu. Karpov, E.A. Alenurov, K.K. SkorosovAssessment system of process activity of students in practical lessons in physical culture and sport  73
O.S. Krasnikova, A.V. Korichko, Yu.N. Savelyeva Influence of sports exercises on student flexibility indicators 75
F.F. Kostov, A.S. Ugryumov, G.A. YakovlevDistance lessons of physical education at the higher education institution in comparison with the traditional form of training   78
K.T. Petrova, P.V. Rodichkin, S.V. Alekseeva Influence of health aerobics on the functional state and physical development of pedagogical college students  81

S.P. Levushkin, O.F. Zhukov, N.A. Skoblina, D.M. FedotovPhysical development of junior schoolchildren in Moscow and Arkhangelsk according to the results of the all-Russian monitoring  84

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
V.A. Kuzmichev, E.M. Kalinin, N.A. Kocheshkov, A.V. LeksakovComparative analysis of competitive motor activity of Russian youth national teams in international football tournaments of different ranks  90
A.V. Levkin, V.N. KonovalovPlanning the training process in small training cycles for hockey players 8-9 years old  93
M.Yu. Stepanov, M.B. SalamatovUse of optimal power load in training single competitors  96
D.M. Pravdov, M.A. Pravdov, A.V. Kornev, A.V. ZhalilovMethod of developing the strength of the hands in young wrestlers  99

V.V. Bobkov, L.G. Ryzhkova, I.V. Lazarev, S.Yu. TatarovaFormation of the physical culture and sports environment of the university as a condition for regular participation of students and teachers of the VI-XI stages in the implementation of standards of the VFSK GTO 104
V.G. Tyutyukov, A.L. Kramarenko, A.V. Ivanov, P.V. BorodinCharacteristics of the profile of the corporate culture of the organization of higher education of physical culture orientation 107
I.G. Almazova, O.E. Elnikova, I.G. KolosovaStress resistance as a component of motivational readiness of future teachers-athletes for professional activities  110

L.V. Blonsky The influence of historical information about the daily life of Soviet athletes on the formation of motivation for physical education in students  8
T.I. Miasnikova, E.S. Nalimova –  Features of tactics at long distances in finswimming 19
E.A. Zyurin, T.F. Abramova, A.P. Matveev, E.N. PetrukVolume and intensity of motor activity of the adults in the structure of exercises during preparation for testing of the GTO complex 22
R.O. Shakirov, E.A. Shakirova, V.V. PonomarevPopularization of mass sports events in Siberian higher education institutions  35
R.G. Ardashev, V.N. TurkovaFeatures of unconscious strategies of sports achievements of students  38
T.T. Shchelina, T.I. Miticheva, T.V. Sidorova, S.V. Mikhailova Model of health-saving activities of the university  41
O.V. ZhukovaState support of professional athletes in the context of social protection 68
M.Yu. Budnikov, Sheena Soperna, E. N. Dudnik, N.K. Golubeva, O.S. GlazachevFeatures of stress reactions in medical students with different level of physical activity during the  COVID-19 pandemic  72
E.V. Burtseva, V.A. Burtsev, T.V. AntonovaQuantitative and qualitative analysis of children's motor talent and development of sports talent 80
L.A. Parfenova, Patricia Carol Coker-Bolt, A.D. ShaimievaForms and methods of inclusive physical education  88
A.S. Makhov, I.N. MedvedevPhysiological characteristics of asthenized after acute viral infection young men who started running  92
A.L. Pokhachevsky, O.V. Graf, A.B. Petrov, G.S. Marchitan, G.A. LebedinskayaCauses of disturbance of the functional state of the athletes' organism  98