Physical education: education, training №3 2021

T.V. Mikhailova, V.V. Marynich, N.V. Shepelevich – Innovative methods to estimate athletes' predisposition to cyclic and complex coordination sports2
A.A. Kunin, L.V. Silaeva – Features of serve swing technique in elite tennis5
I.S. Maslov, M.D. Kudryavtsev, G.Y. Galimov, A.G. Galimova, O.V. Turygina – Modernization and rational use of special technical devices in bobsleigh racer training8
V.V. Ivashina, L.A. Novikova – Angular indices of rotational movements performed by elite gymnasts11
O.B. Sokovikov, L.A. Novikova, O.N. Nazarova – «Mowgli» package program in long-term recreational training of 4-7 year-olds14
E.V. Beklemisheva – Improvement of complex balancing skills in club exercises to excel sports mastery in youth rhythmic gymnastics17
R.V. Tambovtseva, Y.S. Evstifeev – Constitution-specific finger patterning versus speed-strength progress analysis for athletes in long jumps20
N.A. Semenenko, V.A. Grigoriev, A.V. Dvornikov – Jump serve reception trainings for men’s volleyball elite23
E.D. Mishutin, G.V. Barchukova – 8-13 year-old table tennis players’ shooting accuracy versus competitive success analysis25 
N.A. Kozhura, D.A. Smirnova, V.V. Ponomarev – Socio-pedagogical analysis of professional performance of coaches-instructors of track and field Olympic reserve sports schoo29
A.A. Nazarov, V.V. Ponomarev – Psychophysical fitness as basis of integrated human safety and security31
T.M. Melikhova, N.V. Makarova, A.V. Makarov – Anti-doping culture formation as a top-class sports problem33
D.V. Guba, Y.S. Voronov – Types of participation of sports university students in service provision for sport orienteering and tourist competitions in context of sociological analysis36
E.A. Kobets, N.N. Krivoshey, S.E. Glachaeva, E.D. Mitusova – Structure and content of strength training of university students engaged in armsport38
D.A. Blinov, G.V. Barchukova – Influence of physical education activities with different orientations on psychoemotional state of university students41
A.V. Ivanov – Health physical education programs design for university students44
N.A. Karavatskaya, I.V. Pivorovich, I.G. Krenzel – Water aerobics practices under elective physical education and sports disciplines in framework of university implementation of «3+» FSES47
G.V. Barchukova, D.A. Blinov, N.A. Voloshin – Relationship between psychophysical fitness and subjective well-being of university students when learning50
A.O. Karpova – Academic mass sports encouragement and self-management models53
A.S. Kariauli – Measurement mechanisms to rate physical culture and sports organizations performance55
E.N. Panin, T.V. Stebliy – Modern view on status of adaptive physical culture and sports sector in Primorsky Krai58
A.Kh-M. Vagidova, L.I. Lubysheva, N.V. Peshkova – Analysis of organizational structure and activity areas of adaptive sports organizations61
«CHILDREN'S TRAINER» – journal in journal
O.E. Balaeva, D.P. Lyulekin – New formats of tennis tournaments as a way to increase schoolchildren’s motivation for sports activities64
Dali Marah – Improvement of physical and technical fitness of junior shot-putters by means of training loads of various intensity67
A.S. Zaichenko, Y.A. Popov – Individualization of physical training of footballers of various game positions70
M.Y. Zolotova, M.V. Chaichenko, E.D. Mitusova – Short-track-based extracurricular activities of primary schoolchildren 72
D.I. Ivanov – Targeted development of strength abilities of junior biathletes in weapon type change period75
T.I. Polunina – Effects of muscular loads on physical development of preschoolers78
A.V. Leksakov – Individual self-training of skilled footballers in conditions of limited training activities16
S. Allaban – Determinants of physical education and sports activity of Syrian schoolchildren22
L.M. Grzhebina, S. Allaban – Key directions of improving organization of school physical education and sports activities in Syria28
E.V. Cherepenin, I. V. Manzheley – Development of Russian ball game in academic sports environment46 
V.V. Gavva, N.I. Shagin – Pedagogical control of speed abilities of junior elite female footballers of various game positions52
V.P. Guba, A.V. Leksakov – Efficiency of organization of long-term sports reserve training in football sport schools54
A.A. Smirnov, V.P. Guba, L.V. Bulykina – Comparative analysis of spike performance from various passes in elite volleyball teams of Women's Super League60
V.Y. Khomutov, A.V. Solodnikov, V.P. Guba – Circuit training at physical education lessons at primary school66
A.M. Mikhailov – Psychological aspects of sports passion when participating in powerlifting competitions74