Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 7 2020


S.A. ProninTheory and methodology of competitive swimming in coverage of scientific-theoretical journal "Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kutury"© ►►►pp.3

A.O. Akopyan, U.N. Kremlev, L.A. Kulagina, O.V. DomulajanovaFunctional fitness of elite male boxers© ►►►pp.5
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A.E. Bolotin, K.-J. Van Zwieten, K.J.van Zwieten, O.E. Ponimasov, N.M. Timchenko, S.S. AganovHeart rate variability analysis to assess female swimmers' fitness level© ►►►pp.10
T.V. Krasnoperova, N.B. Kotelevskaya, T.F. AbramovaPhysiological value of stabilometric studies in complex coordination sports© ►►►pp.13
V.F. Noskova, E.A. DekunetsMRNA expression of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines during tissue regeneration of skeletal muscles© ►►►pp.16

Paulina SzyszkaChanges in maximum muscle torque of knee joint extensor muscles depending on various forms of warm-up in the training microcycle© ►►►pp.19
Marcin Starzak Effects of attentional focus on flying disc throwing accuracy in terms of lateralization and throwing technique© ►►►pp.21
Wilhelm GromiszEffect of dry-land resistance training with resistance rubber bands on speed and swimming parameters© ►►►pp.24
A.I. Alifirov, I.V. Mikhailova, D.M. Pravdov, M.A. PetrovaConceptual approaches to chess training process© ►►►pp.27

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V.P. Guba, R.V. Belyutin, E.E. Achkasov – Coronavirus as new reality of sports-specific discourse72

«TRAINER” – journal in journal
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