Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 12 2019


M.V. DegtyarevOn legal definition of doping drugs in sports concept
M.V. Aranson, E.S. Ozolin, B.N. Shustin, A.V. IvanovModern foreign research in team sports (volleyball, tennis)
A.A. Peredelsky, P.S. Seleznev, I.V. FedyakinSports and politics in context of methodological analysis
Yu.M. Kabanov, D.A. Venskovich, V.V. Trushchenko, V.A. KoloshkinaSensitive periods in human ontogenesis

V.N. Irkhin, I.F. Isaev, O.V. Amurskaya, J.A. StrelkovaEducational kinesiology in health and fitness activities of physical education teacher: ideas and principles
S.M. Lukina, N.S. Panchuk, B.A. Mikhailov, E.A. ZhuzhakovaRecruiting trainees of retraining programs of "University Physical Education Teacher»
K.G. Erdyneyeva, R.E. Popova, V.K. HebertPsychophysiological aspects of stress tolerance in future adaptive physical education teachers

A.V. Voronov, P.V. Kvashuk, A.A. Voronova, T.V. Krasnoperova  – Electromyographic methods to determine muscle groups to affect sports results in speed climbing
R.V. Kuchin, N.D. Nenenko, N.V. Chernitsyna, M.V. Stogov, T.A. Maksimova Sports experience related bone tissue mineralization specifics in skiers
N.A. Fudin, S.Ya. Klassina, S.N. Pigareva, Y.E. VaginEffects of hypoventilation breathing on physical working capacity and functional status of skilled athletes during submaximal exercise
R.V. Tambovtseva, K.V. SergeevaEffects of power load on hormonal profile of elite female powerlifters influenced by various dietary energy supplies
V.V. Apokin, A.A. Povzun, V.D. PovzunHemodynamic features of adaptation to physical loads in female athletes of different age groups

A.P. Skorodumova, I.S. Baranov, S.D. Semenova, Ya.V. GolubStructure of physical and functional fitness of elite female tennis players
O.M. Mirzoev, O.M. MukhinPre-seasonal training methods for academic basketball sport clubs
M.Yu. Fedorova, E.I. Ovchinnikova, E.A. SlonichPre-season training methods for academic basketball sport clubs
N.V. Nikiforov, S.N. Nikitin, A.G. DyachkovskyBeginner technical and tactical training in hapsagay wrestling

A.A. Antseliovich, D.Yu. Chernous, V.V. Loginova, K.A. BadrakValue-based educational programs in anti-doping control (case study of USA)  
T.V. Dolmatova, A.V. Zubkova, E.A. Selezneva, D.N. PukhovOrganization of physical activity and mass sports at local governmental level: comparative analysis of foreign experience

E.A. Zyurin, A.V. Kurentsov, E.N. Petruk, A.A. BaryaevAdult physical activity rating in self-reliant trainings for GTO complex tests
N.V. Minnikaeva, E.A. Budanova, S.V. ShabashevaAnalysis of physical fitness, functional and psychological status of 50-60 year-old individuals engaged in fitness

PHYSICAL EDUCATION of rising generation
V.S. Astafyev, I.V. Rudyakova, V.V. BorisovFitness technologies to improve students' motor competency
E.D. Mitusova, G.V. Shvets, L.A. SimonyanBosu Pro balance platform application in academic fitness aerobics classes
Yu.F. Nikolenko, A.A. Shibaeva, E.I. Ovchinnikova, E.F. Ivanova - Physical and verbal activity integrating preschool physical education model
E.N. Malova, V.G. Shubovich, M.M. Shubovich information and communication technologies in supplementary education of primary students: health aspect
T.F. Abramova, T.M. Nikitina, A.V. Polfuntikova, A.V. Malinin6-10 year-old’s physical progress versus physical activity rating study
V.A. VishnevskyDisabled versus able-bodied jiujitsu elite: competitive fitness elements rating analysis

I.N. Nikulin, F.I. Sobyanin, A.V. Posokhov, V.A. MaksimenkoWorld leading arm wrestling nations: 2014-18 competitive performance analysis
A.V. Shvetsov, I.V. Nikishin, A.E. Matveyev, V.V. Kleshchev15 km staggered-start Nordic ski races in 2001-18 winter Olympics and World Championships: champions’ tactics analysis
L.V. Tarasova, P.Yu. Tarasov, T.S. Timakova, V.A. Pankov, A.N. Korzhenevsky, O.M. MamychkinEfficient postural control rating tests for precompetitive trainings in archery
A.I. Golovachev, V.I. Kolykhmatov, S.V. Shirokova, N.B. NovikovaEnergy systems functionality test rates: model characteristics for elite ski racers trained for XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing
A.I. Pogrebnoy, A.P. Ostrikov, A.Yu. GetmanSubstantiation of innovative approach to control and management of training loads in rowing

V.N. Baranov, B.N. Shustin, V.F. NoskovaNational physical education and sport sector research theses defended in 2017-18: classification and trend analysis
B.I. Tarakanov, R.N. Apoyko, S.I. PetrovModern trends in development of women's freestyle wrestling in Russia
A.S. Ivashchenko, V.V. Ezhov, A.Yu. Tsarev, B.A. Dyshko – 'New Breath' respiratory muscle trainer system for physical rehabilitation of cardiovascular pathology