Physical education: education, training №1 2020


L.I. Lubysheva, L.D. Nazarenko – Actualization of Problems of Social Adaptation and Detraining of Athletes Upon Sports Career Termination2

A.I. Rakovetsky, V.V. Ponomarev, D.O. Zalivan – Applied Professional Physical Fitness Training in Physical Education Service for Female University Students6
T.G. Arutyunyan, A.G. Galimova, E.K. Kyrgys, D.G. Radchenko – Patriotic education of students of general education institutions during track and field trainings8
M.V. Andrianov, E.D. Mitusova, M.V. Morozov – Endurance building model for 13-14 year-old schoolchildren engaged in skiing training with use of special exercises11

L.G. Ryzhkova, V.V. Bobkov, M.A. Kuzmin, E.I. Fedorovtseva – Organizing and holding GTO complex festivals for students in conditions of GTO testing center of MOSCOMSPORT14
J.E. Yakubenko, V.E. Smirnov – Physical training of men of different age groups for GTO complex test "pull-ups on horizontal bar"17
N.I. Sinyavskiy, A.V. Fursov, A.Yu. Dron, V.V. Vasiliev – Analysis of results of competition "Exemplary student in physical education discipline" in conditions of general education institution of KHMAR-YUGRA20
A.V. Markelov, V.V. Ponomarev, M.Yu. Kan, A.L. Ostranitsa – Russian national competitive-game exercises in military personnel physical training system 23

A.A. Lozovoy, V.V. Ponomarev, D.A. Shubin – Comprehensive training technology to from free throw performance skills in female technical university students engaged in basketball26
V.G. Chibrikina, Yu.P. Alekseeva, N.G. Vronskaya – Pedagogical control of university basketball picked team training based on throwing technique rating28

L.M. Volosnikova, E.A. Kukuev, G.Z. Efimova – Correlation between injury rate, physical activity and engagement in sports of Tyumen schoolchildren32
L.A. Simonyan, Yu.V. Vorobyeva – Sensory development of children of early preschool age using integrated approach to physical activity 35
Yu. I. Dudkina, O.M. Mirzoev, A.N. Rogozina – Health and physical fitness level monitoring in university students38
G.V. Shvets, E.D. Mitusova, I.N. Stolyarova, N.B. Chitaykina – Integration of cognitive and motor activities of preschoolers during physical education classes41
A.V. Yatskovsky, L.K. Sidorov, A.L. Ostranitsa – Block system of formation of applied self-defense skills in female university students 44
M.P. Starodubtsev – Physical education background formation in Russian military educational establishments in second half of XIX century in terms of military reform 46
K.V. Sukhinina, V.V. Shokhirev, N.A. Bulycheva, O.A. Volodko – Dependence between dietary regime and physical development rates in first-year students 49

«CHILDREN'S TRAINER» – journal in journal
Yu.L. Voitenko, V.R. Solomatin – Planning training loads of different orientations for young swimmers based on their special physical working capacity rates 54
Z.T. Usmanova – Mental conditioning service to junior hockey players at initial stage of sports career 57
A.R. Mamaev, N.V. Dusina, A.V. Shigaev, K.N. Sokolov – Speed-strength training method based on impact of muscular resonance on human body 60
A.V. Lazutkin – Development of speed-strength qualities of young sprinters at initial sport specialization stage 63
A.V. Antipov, V.P. Guba – Analysis of indicators of technical and tactical actions of young football players based on results of matches played 66
I.D. Svishchev, R.V. Tambovtseva, V.N. Cheremisinov, A.K. Belyakov – Convergence of information and cognitive technologies in application to athletes learning motor actions68 sport management
V.V. Ponomarev, L.K. Sidorov, D.A. Shubin – Managerial activities in physical education and sports in Krasnoyarsk region: state and prospects 71

P.G. Bordovskiy, M.M. Predovskaya, L.A. Zavarukhina – Fostering national identity while applying distance educational technologies in physical education and sport sector 74

Kh.Kh. Alshuvayli – Comparative analysis of effectiveness of training of football referees in Russia and Iraq 77

Asaad Muhannad Khisamovich, L.V. Bulykina, V.P. Guba – The content of psychogram blocks of libero in youth volleyball teams 5
K.Ya. Gadisov, A.A. Martynov – Phased form of physical training of military personnel10
M.S. Cherkasova, M. Al Khalili, V.M. Alekseev – Interval shuttle-running peak test 60/10 for performance measurements on tennis court13
V.V. Ivashina – Twisting motions in rhythmic gymnastics 25
A.V. Orlov – Evaluation of effectiveness of training load distribution in annual training cycle of sports specialization futsal group athletes 37
Yu.B. Almazova – Organization of competitions based on digital technologies to enhance students participation 43
A.S. Zaichenko, Yu.A. Popov – Technical characteristics of professional football players of different game positions in match and their contingency52
L.V. Veselova, D.A. Shlapak, V.A. Zaborova – INDIBA pro-ion system in comprehensive rehabilitation of fencers after anterior cruciate ligament plastic surgery 59
I.V. Fedotova, I.S. Tamozhnikova, M.A. Bykova – Analysis of coordinated testing indices in children with spinal pathology62
Huang Yun, L.V. Bulykina, V.P. Guba – Analysis of sports injuries of volleyball players of People's Republic of China 73
D.S. Yakushev – Rating of number of messages regarding RPCSC GTO facility in information and propaganda environment 76
T.A. Kravchuk, E.V. Ginzhul – Justification of concentrated programs to build tourist skills in students aged 16-17 78